Piironki x Moomin Linen Collection

Piironki x Moomin Linen Collection

The Piironki x Moomin Linen Collection is inspired by Tove Jansson’s stunning illustrations of nature as sensitive and beautiful as well as mysterious and unpredictable. Jansson used her unique talent to capture perceptive images in which Moomin appears as a small figure in the big world around him.

Storms rolling in from afar and gulls rising in the air all have a role to play in her work. The wind and waves and the Moomin characters breathe together in harmony in her sensitive brushstrokes.

Our Moomin-illustrated linen collection is a tribute to nature and natural forces, and to summer as Tove Jansson wanted to see it. The artist’s sophisticated and symbolic images make each item interesting and unique.

Linen is a timeless natural material that perfectly suits the Moomins’ organic philosophy of life. We can all relate to what it feels like to wake up in the warm growing season as the Moomins do after their winter sleep – at a time that whispers promises of summer outings with loved ones.

Our linen collection includes simple and comfortable clothing, tote bags and pouches, storage solutions, and pillow covers – everything you need for memorable moments at home and your summer adventures. They also make perfect housewarming gifts or tokens of friendship and gratitude. Tove Jansson’s illustrations evoke universal emotions and associations – the images can share what you may not be able to put into words.

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